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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness."
- MarkTwain



The Passport to Adventure series is an ever-evolving collaboration between a devoted team of uncommon characters. The program has been shaped by the vision, creativity and plain old hard work of a handful of people over almost two decades of production. (And we haven't aged a bit – right?)


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Julie Conover

Passionate wanderer, producer, host, writer, photographer, location coordinator, all-around wearer of many hats.


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I opted out of the "rat race" before the gun even went off. At ten years old, after our annual ski vacation in Lake Tahoe, I announced to my parents that I was "going to be a ski bum when I grew up". I am proud to admit, I achieved my goal, though the "bum" part may be misleading. I have always worked hard and supported myself – no inheritance, no rich uncles, no trust funds. My parents were immigrants that came to America with nothing, and ingrained in me a healthy distrust of consumerism and living on credit. My father died when I was 19, which forced me to come to grips with life lessons most people don't face until middle age. I found the courage to follow my heart early in life, and it has never betrayed me.


Tahoe is still my home and skiing remains a passion, along with volleyball, yoga, reading and travel. My mantra, "Live Small, Travel BIG!", has allowed me to create a lifestyle based on my passion. Less stuff = more freedom. My advice: beware of becoming a slave to your possessions. Fill your journey through life with meaningful experiences, and there is none better, for me, than extended travel.

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Elizabeth Rogers

Videographer, editor, activist, peacemaker, earth mama, mountain woman and loyal friend.


Elizabeth is currently our maestro of production. You can see her talents throughout the Passport to Adventure series; she re-edited seasons one and two to bring them into compliance with PBS standards, and then she edited all the episodes in seasons three and four. On location, Elizabeth not only works behind the camera, she also directs, does sound, manages data, and like an ant carries more gear than would seem possible, given her small stature. Sometimes she even gets to sleep. Get to know Elizabeth and her passion for making the world a better place through her Passport to Adventure blog posts.

More about Elizabeth at the blog



Aaron Schnobrich

Filmaker, editor, photographer, sound engineer, lighting guru, writer, technical consultant, sunglass collector, and super cool guy.


When he's not on a shoot with us, Aaron is jetting all over the world filming & editing music videos and special projects for causes he cares about. In addition to his production skills, he has become adept at managing the ups and downs of traveling with menopausal women. When he has spare time, I am hoping he'll share some advice on the Passport to Adventure blog, production advice primarily, but who knows, maybe he can shed some light on other issues...

More about Aaron at the blog



Mark Jennings

Emeritus host and producer, action hero, Pied Piper of the neighborhood dogs, honorary "mayor" of Tahoe City, poet, prankster, lover of people (especially "super cute gals").


You'll see Mark's pearly white grin, bronzed face & buffed shoulders in the first three seasons of Passport to Adventure. Some of our funniest moments over the years have been at Mark's expense, but he always handled it good-naturedly. We are going to miss him on the shoots, but now his fans can take part in his latest adventure - he's sharing his knowledge of the Tahoe area, and his beautiful lake view home with guests from all over the country. He's still the host extraordinaire, only now you can actually visit with him!:




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